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Mask With Filter rk color is very weird.He seems to see the past world when playing online games, a group of rookies who just entered the online game world, actually want to rob npc.No matter h. ow Mask With Filter much effort these people Mask With Filter have, they will not gain anything, and they will only work hard.To solve this puzzle, it is not to collect this flame.However, this Ye Han naturally can t say it. He just sat down with Mask With Filter the crowd and made a look of thought.Other Mask With Filter camp members also noticed their arrival. Some people also subconsciously pay attention to the action of Ye Han.I hope that Ye Han can find the secret of cracking here like the previous three layers.However, they soon became disappointed, because Ye Han did not have to collect the flames, but suddenly took out a lot of materials.Ye Han said with a big smile This is a natural refining treasure.It is just Chen s opportunity to refine some things.Immediately, Mask With Filter he was so in front of everyone, began to use the material in his hand, and looked at the golden flame in front of him, trying to refine things.The people who were still strugglin

g to collect the flames were dumbfounded.At first they thought he was a joke, but he soon discovered that he was Mask With Filter very serious and did not take long to refine a lot of things.The twenty sixth chapter chapter mysterious Ye Han s first successful refining was coronavirus taxonomia a blade.In the eyes of everyone, he seems to have just blended a lot of metal materials with this face mask making my face dust itchy golden flame, and Mask With Filter then portrayed some arrays on it, constantly stabilizing it, and finally it was made i.nto a handle. Malformed sword.Seeing this, some people who know the refining equipment dust mask cotton can t help but what is the best charcoal face mask sneer at it.This sword is really Mask With Filter terrible. At the same time, they secretly said It turns out that the thirteenth prince actually has n95 facemask something that he can t.Ye Han did not pay attention to Mask With Filter the feelings of everyone around him.He suddenly turned to look at Lin Zhirong and others behind him and asked Do you have anything to be forged or want to improve the ranks Mask With Filter of Mask With Filter the soldiers Lin Zhirong and others all face each other.To be honest, although they have always trusted Ye Han, they Mask With Filter have to hesitate after seein

Mask With Filter

g Ye Han s unbearable refining ability.After all, his own blade is almost equal to one arm of his own.If it is broken by Ye Hanyu, where is it crying However, Lin Yaner was very simple, and handed his long sword to Ye Han, saying Help me fix the sword.Seeing this, everyone is a glimpse, and the same thought emerges in the heart this gimmick is estimated to Mask With Filter be deeply rooted in Ye Hanqing, and it has already reached the time of blind trust.However, they did not know that it was only the first refiner of Ye Han, but it had been successfully refining.Although it was only a Mask With Filter deformed sword, it actually reached eight products.Lin Yaner is very clear about this. In her opinion, perhaps the eight piece warrior is not rare, but if the eight Mask With Filter s.killed sword comes from a beginner who has just started to learn the refiner, even no one has taught Mask With Filter it.The hand is very rare. What s more, she only asked Ye Han to help her repair the defects caused by long term use.I believe that even if there is risk, it has already dropped to the Mask With Filter lowest level.Of course, simply repairing the

weapon is not the pursuit of Ye Han.Ye Han took over the long sword of Lin Yaner. This sword hooded respirator mask was originally given to her by Lin Yan s aunt Lin Youlan before they left Mask With Filter the city of Bishan.Ye Han did not study it. This took over.Only then found that this turned out to be a six armed blade, although there is no demon, not Mask With Filter a Mask With Filter demon n95 and papr blade, but the power is not the same.Lin Zhirong, who was next to Ye Han, also discovered this point.He suddenly understood why Lin Yaner was a second order martial artist, and he was able to explode so amazing combat power.Obviously, in addition to her own Mask With Filter grasp of the sword, it is also related to this sword.After all, the sword is intended to be fully released, and it needs to have enough soldiers to carry its 3m 8210 vs 8200 mask power.However, dust mask daiso as a result, Ye Han seems to be really able Mask With Filter to help Lin Yaner to repair the defects on this sword.If he wants to help the blade to improve Mask With Filter the grade, he really does not 3m n95 1860 buy have much confidence.After thinking for a while, Ye Han did not give up after all, and the spi.rit Mask With Filter quickly covered the sword. He began to const

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