Pface e, the Pface hero is in the middle. The blood on the ground has long been cleared.If you don t look at the destroyed buildings, you can t see that it has just experienced a fierce battle.At this time, there is a fascinating atmosphere in the majestic.In the majestic, everyone s face is smiling. Undoubtedly, this is also the sense of security and confidence that everyone has brought to the public Pface after the repair of the big battle, so that they can show such Pface a sincere smile.The Pface majestic ground is about a thousand meters, and there are two Pface figures standing side by side.It is Ye Han and Xiao Chen. In front of them is a very complicated array of operations, the array of blue light flowing, illuminating the entire underground cave, but also has a beautiful.This array is not a huge array. The real majestic array is completely Pface integrated with the entire Xiongguan.However, this array is connected with the majestic array.It is the arrangement of Ye Han that is convenient for others to control the majestic array.brush A silver bell appeared in the hands of Ye Han, and the silver bell was onl

y Pface a high ang.le.Ye Han hasn t coronavirus bike spoken yet, and Huang Yu said Golden Lin, don t ask too much, remember that you owe this kid a life.Jin Lin could not help but smile, saying This life Pface is not good enough.Ye Han gave up the 3m mask filter 6001 precious opportunity to bring his own people, but instead brought them in and saved their lives.Such kindness is really not so good. Huang language has no choice Pface but to say You owe him a life, but I owe him two.Ye Han didn t care about it, just smiled. Jin Lin has figured out some information in the words face mask disposable forward use of what is an n disposable respirator Huang Yu, saying nbc tanker mask how do you clean the face sheild He was the one who rescued you Pface from Xian Weizong.Huang Yu nodded. Jin Lin s eyes on Ye Han s eyes were even more different.He solemnly said From today, you are the brother of Jinlin.If there is a. Pface nything I need in the future, please open your mouth, Jinlin is not saying anything.Ye Han Suddenly he felt very awkward, how does the demon of the Tianzhu Mountain Pface feel more Pface docile than himself Of course, Ye Han did not polite with him.He said with a smile Okay, I guess I will need you to help me Pface soon.Jin Lin and Huang Yu are not stupid, and they


all understand the meaning of Pface Ye Han.Today, the courtyard where they are located should not be the first courtyard with the Lord.Although they still don t know how Ye Han took the courtyard alone, they know that other courtyards may be Will soon have Pface a master.According to Li Qingwei s ability, I am afraid I will eventually be able to enter this square city.Even if there is such a protection of the courtyard, she can t help them, but when all the courtyards have Pface the owner, the prohibition in the entire square city will be lifted.Sending everyone to the chaotic blood of the void, fighting is also essential.You can t leave this courtyard, you will stay here to heal Pface and recover.By the way, help me to live in this Pface courtyard. I am going to go out and take the second courtyard now, Ye Han said to Huang Yu.After the courtyard is occupied by people, it is not completely impossible to snatch it.As long as the defense of the courtyard is fo. Pface rcibly broken, it can be robbed.However, the defense of the courtyard will increase with the improvement of the strength of the people.Now there a

re two people in Huangyu and Jinlin. Ye Han believes that no one in this courtyard can attack.Originally, Ye tactical respirator half mask Han wanted to cultivate directly in it.After all, he still had to compete for the fourth soul to improve his strength.However, there are other people outside, and he can Pface t leave it alone.In addition, he also feels that this courtyard has been occupied by himself.He is Pface a how does arosol respirator work little overwhelmed and simply decides Pface to go out and win another courtyard.However, dust mask face fit testing before Ye Han left the courtyard, Jin Lin shouted at him and said, This token is held by you.With this token, I can Pface arbitrarily dispatch the Pface Tianmeng Mountain.Ye Han s eyes lit up, when the golden token was coming over.This is a good thing. Originally, there are still competitors who are obeying their own commands.They have to win another courtyard. Immediately, Ye Pface n95 respirator dusk mask Han left face masks for sports injuries the courtyard alone.The time in the courtyard deviated from the outside time.Ye Han had been in the courtyard for a long time, but when he came out, he found that the outside Pface world did not last long.When he came out, it happened that he actually saw th

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